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“COEmarketing has been supporting us as our General Agency for 12 years. We honoured COEmarketing in 2015, with the ‘TOP supplier of the year 2015’ award. We recognized their commitment and passion with this award that the COEmarketing team displays when working for our company. Advice and implementation, whether print, web or PR, are impeccable.”

Uwe Strotmann, General Sales Manager, RUTHMANN

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“With COEmarketing we not only have a competent internet provider, but also a consultant who triggers complicate ‘brain teasers’. It has never been forgotten who Berning rental service actually is and what we stand for throughout all the work done. This is immediately recognizable on our new website.”

Reinhard Berning, Owner, Berning Mietservice

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„Mit COEmarketing haben wir nicht nur einen kompetenten Internetanbieter aufgetan, sondern auch einen Berater, der komplizierte ‚Denksportaufgaben‘ löst. Dabei ist bei sämtlichen Aufgabenlösungen nie außer Acht gelassen worden, wer Berning Mietservice eigentlich ist und wofür wir stehen. Auf unserer neuen Website ist das sofort zu erkennen.“

Reinhard Berning, Inhaber, Berning Mietservice


“As a start-up company, for me it was important to build up my enterprise in communication on a stable foundation. I felt in good hands with COEmarketing. I can make additions and adjustments any time independently on my own.”

Katrin Wermke, Proprietor, Wermke office + object

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